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SEO Tutorial For Beginers - Where To Start?

If you are a beginner with SEO, may you wonder where to start? Now, SEO expert in Delhi will help you what to do with the most basically but effectively. 


What is SEO?

Firstly, you need to understand thoroughly about what SEO is SEO's usage. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means website optimization to get a high rank on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 

The target of doing SEO is increasing your website rankings to the highest point on search engines such as Google or Yahoo when searching with keywords related to businesses or business services. 

As using Google AdWords service, your website will immediately be displayed in the advertising (usually the top or the left side of the search results page, the order depends on the charge). 


How to create good SEO?

SEO is similar to PR, it should be reasonable and specific strategies. SEO expert suggests the following steps for you to begin: 

Step 1: Conduct a survey about customer's information 
• Get information about customer businesses

• Figure out the business field, the level of competitiveness

• Make a list of rivals

• Decide the form of advertisement


Step 2: Survey the website (for businesses that already have a website) 

• What is the domain they are using?

• What technologies is the website applied?

• Where is the server?

• Is it fast or slow?

• Check the optimization of website, access speed, data cache, bandwidth 

• Check the current SEO attributes: the basic meta tags such as title, meta description, tags in content, footer, whether they were set correctly, effectively or not? 

• Check page loading speed, the number of images, flash files, and other heavy data

• Identify the current rank: rankGoogle, Alexa

• Locate the website as searching on Google with keywords (domains, company names, fields of activities) 

• Check the current sitemaps, whether a sitemap is available, does the sitemap have the correct structure? Is it friendly or not 

• How many pages are Google, Yahoo, or Bing index? Is it enough for SEO? Do you need to add content and index it? 

• The number of Backlinks (links on other pages) was found on Google 


Step 3: Optimize the website 
• Upgrade the configuration as well as server bandwidth if the server does not meet current needs because Google focuses the fast of website's responses to customers feedbacks. 

• Mend website if you're on page website is not effective. There are many on-page factors you need to concern.

• Remember to create sitemaps, then submit sitemaps to google via google website master tools

• Create cache site on the server or use plugins of cache: file cache, Memcache, APC-cache, and x-cache 

• Install Gzip to speed up the website. If you use WordPress, the plugin is OK 

• Create referral pages about your website, or build systems if you have the ability. The stronger the system, the faster the website gets to the top. 


Step 4: Prepare statistics 
• Create statistic accounts on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Alexa, Ask, and some other search engines. 

• Arrange statistic results by day, month, and period


Step 5: Edit & promote

1. Update content 

• Create a News column, update content regularly for the site. 

• Submit new newsletters to sites 

2. Optimize the website 

• You should create accounts for popular social networks, build, and develop social accounts continuously. SEO expert like to recommend some of the quality social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedln, Twitter, Instagram. 

• Create your own blog site on Yahoo, Opera, Blogger, Wordpress, tumble ... to have a free satellite network 

• Update content, build a network of friends on Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Twitter, create a fan club on Facebook. 

• Creating Account on quality forums that relate to website content you build, create backlink signatures on profile information, constantly interact with forums is also a simple way for you to have backlink to the website. 

3. Send Email Marketing 
• Identify potential email list for site: 20,000 - 100,000 emails 

• Write emails, and schedule mail delivery

• Check your mail replies, reply to the email, and list your potential customers by sending emails These are 5 basic steps to create SEO for beginners. We SEO expert in Delhi, hope that you can do your best and achieve success. 


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