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#1 Freelance SEO Expert In Delhi, India- Sandeep Mehta

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Why Your SEO Strategy Isn’t Working

SEO helps the business website to increase its relevance and improve the rankings of search engines for specific keywords. There are many SEO and web design companies that claim that they assign you the number 1 or that they enter the first page for a standard monthly fee. "Optimize" a website has become a popular phrase, but most of the time, the results of the SEO campaign are not satisfactory for customers - a lot of things in life exceptions to this rule.


An SEO expert in Delhi will define "success" as meeting customer expectations regarding services and results, and we will define "failure" as not meeting the expectations of service or results. Relating with the clients for long, we have heard similar stories over and over again about why some SEO campaigns fail, while others succeed. We identified five main areas that could lead to the failure of an SEO Strategy.


1. SEO companies do not communicate regularly with customers.


2. Expectations are not handled permanently.


3. SEO companies underestimate the competitiveness of keywords.


4. SEO companies have no experience in effective strategies.


5. SEO companies use obsolete/black strategies that can impose sanctions.


A person does not require rocket science to understand how any of these things can lead to an unsuccessful SEO campaign, but it is more difficult to identify companies that will fail in one of these areas. SEO is a complex and changing process. To create an effective strategy, research that consumes time on keywords and competence is required. You must know precisely what your goals are, understand the ranking factors for websites with a higher ranking than yours, and understand how to implement a strategy that increases the relevance of your website to the competition in the search results.


These reasons for failure can easily become a list of best practices for managing successful SEO campaigns. First, identify and manage customer expectations. What will be the results? The responsibility of the SEO company is to fulfill its obligations to obtain results. Second, the SEO company is in a marketing partnership with the customer and, as in any relationship, communication is necessary to ensure a good partnership. When a client feels it is a priority, he will appreciate his services more Third, an SEO company must correctly identify what makes competitors more relevant in the search results.


This is always a combination of many factors, and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the highest rated websites will allow you to redesign your strategies and create a plan for the competition. Fourth, you should be aware of the latest news and information about SEO.


If you rely on tactics that worked several years ago, in the end, you will not be able to keep your promises. Search engines are dynamic and continuously changing, so you must understand what the ranking factors are and how to make your website consistent with what search engines consider relevant. It is not possible to improve the ranking in the search results without increasing the relevance of the site for this search keyword with the help of professionals such as SEO expert India.


Fifth (which may be a continuation of # 4), SEO companies should focus on strategies that create relevance. There are many "black hat" tactics (fill in keywords, mirror sites, etc.), which can not only affect ranking but also exclude your site from search results.


How do you determine if an SEO campaign will be effective? Look at your customers and their results. Get in touch with your customers and ask about the service, time, and results. Check the classifications they show in their case studies to make sure they are still in right positions. Nothing shows how good an SEO company is that the competitiveness of the keywords by which they can rank. 

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